Cheapest Password Manager keep your digital life secure

Password Manager is a software application designed to store and manage online credentials. It also generates passwords. Usually, these passwords are stored in an encrypted database and locked behind a master password.

Today, so many Password Manager born with many difference features. However, the main purpose of password manager is store, generate password online security so any devices can connect to that store. Some famous apps you can know: 1Password, LastPass, NordPass, Dashlane,…

But, price to subscribe these apps yearly still high, most of apps billing of over $30 yearly for personal plan. So, in this post I list some cheapest password manager for personal.

Bitwarden – Best Cheapest Password Manager

Core features included in every Bitwarden account:
  • Open source
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Unlimited devices + syncing
  • Unlimited device types
  • Browser, Mobile, Desktop apps
  • Unlimited vault items
  • Store notes, credit cards, identities
  • Bitwarden Send
  • Secure password generator
  • Basic two-step login
  • Free cloud hosting
  • Encrypted export

Free plan will included above core features and upgraded with $10/year

Bitwarden is secure, open source, and free with no limits. The applications are polished and user-friendly, making it the best choice for anyone who doesn’t need the extra features of 1Password.


It’s free for personal use with basic features, However, Bitwarden offers a paid upgrade account. The cheapest of the bunch, Bitwarden Premium, is $10 per year. That gets you 1 GB of encrypted file storage, two-factor authentication with devices like YubiKey, FIDO U2F, Duo, and a password hygiene and vault health report. Paying also gets you priority customer support.

Kaspersky Password Manager – I’m using this

Kaspersky Password Manager is included in Kaspersky Total Security anti-virus app. If you don’t use anti-virus you can buy Kaspersky Password Manager with price $13.49 yearly.

Kaspersky Password Manager plan
Kaspersky Password Manager plan

I using this for years and satisfy with this 🙂

Hope you find a the best. !

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